2021 Packages (Gentle Stock Packaged Bees)

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THESE ARE 2021 PACKAGES. This listing is for a 2021 package of Gentle Stock Bees. As packages become available in the spring, they will be shipped out in order of date received. Please keep in mind that due to a super high demand in package bees, and horrible weather this year all package bee orders purchased later than March 1st 2021 will be shipped end of April or early May. If you live in colder climates and do not want your bees shipped in early spring, please make a note on your order that you prefer a later April or May shipment. If you’d like to pick up locally, please select “In Store Pick Up” as a shipping option.

We ship Packages out in groups of 4 or as singles. For example: If you want 10 Packages, please add two 4 Packs, and two 1 Packs to your cart. This will combine shipping for you and make it the most cost effective. We ship these in the order they were purchased as they become available, so know that we do not usually ship immediately. During peak season, we ship out at least every 2 weeks.

Packages have a $40 Non-Refundable fee if you decide to cancel.

Barnyard Bees can only guarantee that the bees are delivered to the Postal Service (USPS) in good condition. We cannot and do not in any way guarantee that USPS will deliver the bees to you in good condition. Barnyard Bees is no longer liable for the bees once they are accepted by the carrier; our only liability is to deliver the bees to USPS in good condition. Our apologies – at this time, we cannot ship live bees to California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, or Alaska.

aka: Swarm of Bees, swarms.

Italian, Carniolan.

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1 Package (3 LBS), 1 Package with Marked Queen (3 LBS), 4 Packages (3 LBS), 4 Packages with Marked Queens (3 LBS), 1 Package (2 LBS), 1 Package with Marked Queen (2 LBS), 4 Packages (2 LBS), 4 Packages with Marked Queens (2 LBS), 1 Package (3 LBS) with NO Queen (QUEENLESS), 4 Packages (3 LBS) with NO Queen (QUEENLESS)

33 reviews for 2021 Packages (Gentle Stock Packaged Bees)

  1. Brandon Hunsberger

    The bees came fast and healthy. they had plenty of numbers and the queen was alive. They also came with a full can of food.

  2. Doug kidd (verified owner)

    Thay are the best! Super strong queen, USPS sucks but because the queen is so robust thay are looking awesome! Thank you for all the videos

  3. Pila

    What two packages and both of them did extremely well. We bought the marked queen and we could find her every time we went into the live

  4. Teri McCarsky

    Nice gentle bees. I have gotten my bees with Barnyard bees since I started beekeeping 3 years ago. Still have the offspring & Queens.

  5. Gregory Hill

    Barnyard bees are the best place on earth to buy your bees.And your bee supplies they are top notch.

  6. greg


  7. Cathie Odegaard

    Enjoy learning from your posts.

  8. David Cook (verified owner)

    I bought 2 packages last year and they did GREAT! Now I’m back for more as I expand my bee yard this year. They sell great queens too.

  9. Roger Shorter

    I received my bees to day all good and in hive thank you

  10. RICK NEILS (verified owner)

    I bought 8 packages all in great shape, I put them in 5 frame nuc boxes, I will be splitting them in5 weeks. I like your posts.

  11. Lee Brown (verified owner)

    First time with Bees,, only bought 1 package . Mr. barn is not lying when he said gentle Bees ,
    And the staff in the store are Great ,
    Was a real pleasure doing business with .

  12. Brian Noel (verified owner)

    I received 2 great packages today 4/8/2020 ,and I was amazed how their were only maybe 50 dead bees between the 2 packages. Barnyard bees sells great packages.

  13. Kelsey Jameson (verified owner)

    Beautiful package of bees! Mine came quickly with very few dead ones. My Queen is a very good egg layer and the bees are very gentle to work with. Will be buying more in the future!

  14. Douglas Barber (verified owner)

    Bee’s arrived in great shape. Worried about the cold weather we were having , but all is good with the girls. Thank you .

  15. Brady Martin

    Found them last year, pleasant on phone and in person, youtube videos are done very well, easy drive to get to them. Bee’s are doing very well from Barnyard bees, hands down the best place for supply’s and bees

  16. thomas h goldy (verified owner)

    the best going on 3 yers on 1st hive

  17. Jenny byrne (verified owner)

    My bees came to me in good shape last year.im getting another queen this year from barnyard bees I am very pleased with the service and the bee are very gentle.

  18. David Lusk (verified owner)

    Received my package all in good condition not even 100 dead bees in the cage a little cool when I put them in but they were flying out and back feeding before lunch

  19. Jacqueline Gehman (verified owner)

    Very gentle bees came quickly with a nearly full feeding can. The marked queen was lively and few dead bees. Extremely happr with my purchase. Will definitely buy again. Many thanks.

  20. Jacqueline Gehman (verified owner)

    Very gentle bees came quickly with a nearly full feeding can. The marked queen was lively and few dead bees. Extremely happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy again. Many thanks.

  21. Lloyd (verified owner)

    Strong healthy package of beautiful gentle bees!! Real nice healthy queen, and the bees were already crazy about her! Plenty of sugar syrup. Barnyard Bees makes beekeeping even more rewarding!

  22. Matthew Benton (verified owner)

    I started beekeeping in 2015 and have kept the following: Russian (1 year), Italian (3 year), and Carnolian (1 year). The bees I received are gentle with beautiful coloring. Dave & Jim are available for advice and concerns. I ordered 3 packages and all came alive and healthy, traveling from Georgia to Ohio. Barnyard Bees Inc. is hands-down one of the best options of packaged bees!

  23. David Mallery (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my bee package. I placed an order approx. 1 1/2 weeks ago. The order arrived at my local post office in great shape. I lost hardly no bees during the shipping process. I live in the State of Delaware, some distance from Georgia. I installed the package and after 4 days went to check to see if the queen had been released, see had and the hive was doing fine. I have been feeding sugar water using Barnyard feeders and all is well. Thank you again for super gentle bees and great service.

  24. Roger Barnes (verified owner)

    Just installed my 3rd package of bees from Barnyard Bees. Awesome bees as usual. I really appreciate the prompt service and awesome bees.
    These bees rock.

  25. nathan

    Definitely the best place to buy bees

  26. John Farrow

    Ordered package which arrived on time and have been very easy to work with and calm. Have been working hard to build colony.

  27. Adam Pitman (verified owner)

    USPS was slooooow due to Covid and I feared the worst for the bees but after 8 days on the road, the bees arrived — the vast majority were alive — queen was healthy! Installed with no stings. Highly recommended!

  28. Lydia (verified owner)

    This was my first year purchasing bees. I purchased the 1 package with marked queen option. Maybe 1/8th of the entire colony arrived dead, no worries they reproduce and are working on that this week. The mail carrier said another company sent some the week before and they all arrived dead. Lucky for me and my bees that was not the case. Their was a while can of syrup for them and the queen was packed safe and well. The Queen has a lovely blue marked head and they are super kind and gentle busy bees. I already bought my second Flow Hive and will be purchasing more bees for that one next Spring again from BarnYard Bees.

    Thank you!
    Amarillo, Texas

  29. Wayland Barmore (verified owner)

    Great package of bees! Mine came quickly with very few dead ones. My Queen went to work laying and the bees are very gentle to work with. Also purchased a new queen for another hive and she has gone to work and this hive now is one of my strongest

  30. Claressa Lucas (verified owner)

    I got 2 packages in March 2020 and they were the only ones that made it through winter, with gusto. They are very gentle and even made a decent honey crop in the first year, though I think much of that had to do with our extended rainy season. My packages shipped one month into quarantine and they came heavier than 3 pounds. They were very healthy and took off immediately. During the first year, I barely saw any mites on my sticky board. I perpetually have a small hive beetle problem, but these girls were more diligent about controlling them than 2 packages from another vendor or two swarms. Service was extremely friendly and attentive. I really can’t say enough good things about their packages…I just ordered two more even though I plan to split in a couple weeks!!

  31. Rick Dover

    I have enjoyed watching your videos very much. Cant wait to get my packages in the spring and getting started as a new beekeeper.

  32. Mick Schaller

    Bought a “Super package” last year. Got honey, and the girls are still kicking as of this morning in Northern Virginia

  33. Dennis taylor

    Nice people to buy from

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