10 Quart Wax Melter


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Efficient Wax Melter

Once you remove natural beeswax from your honey bees’ hive, you’ll need to purify it. Do this by melting the beeswax and picking out large pieces of extraneous matter. You’ll then strain the melted beeswax and pour it into a mold so it can harden into blocks.

This Large 10 Quart high capacity wax melter which holds approximately 15-18 pounds of wax is a cheap and easy way to melt your wax in 5–90 minutes. The kit includes an attached valve for easy removal of wax. Can melt 3lb of soy wax in just 5 minutes.

  1. Set the dial to warm; do not use higher settings.
  2. Place the desired amount of wax in the melting pot, not exceeding the wall height of the pot
  3. Allow the wax to melt slowly; do not leave the Wax Melter unattended during operation.
  4. Melt time may take 5–90 minutes depending on volume and wax properties.
  5. The lid may be placed on the Wax Melter to speed up the melting process. Remove the lid after the wax has melted.
  6. A thermometer (not included) may be used to monitor the temperature of your melted wax. Beeswax will discolor at 185° F (85°C). Different types of wax will discolor at different temperatures.
  7. If the wax is cooled in the valve, it will cause a blockage. To remove the blockage from an empty pot, turn the dial to warm with the valve open and place a container to catch the wax as it empties from the valve.

We recommend using strainer cloth or another semi-heat resistant filter to filter your beeswax. Sold separately.

DO NOT exceed warm setting on control. Heating wax beyond this setting will cause discoloration. The flashpoint of beeswax is 400° F (204.4° C). DO NOT HEAT WAX TO 400° F (204.4° C).

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