2 Frame Nuc

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Invented many years ago by Barnyard Bees for easy splits and/or getting queens mated. The 2 Frame Mating Nucs are a perfect addition to any apiary for queen rearing and splitting hives quickly and easily. Choose between Assembled or Unassembled kits with wooden or plastic hive top covers.
Be sure to check out our YouTube videos for more info on using these great little boxes in your own backyard.

  • Assembled Migratory Cover
  • Assembled Bottom Board
  • Reversible Bottom Board (Pine not cheap plywood)
  • 2 Frame Nucleus Deep Hive Body
  • Select Grade Yellow Pine
  • Choose from Weather Resistant Plastic or Classic Wooden Lids
  • Frames sold separately

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Unassembled with wood cover, Assembled with wood cover, Unassembled with plastic cover, Assembled with plastic cover

7 reviews for 2 Frame Nuc

  1. Wayne (verified owner)

    I bought two 2 Frame Nucs after watching many videos. I live in SoCal wine country and only work with feral bees. I was amazed with the quality of choice of wood and cuts used! I have bought many boxes of all sizes and never seen such attention to detail in manufacturing as these NUCS. I highly recommend everyone buying a few of these. I did make a small alteration since I use external quart size jars to feed. Our weather is always sunny here in Southern California and this makes good sense on our ranch. I removed the two staples holding the one x two inch bottom board rear entrance and reattached it as a platform at the same location to allow the quart size jar feeder to be used. This way no major cutting into the lid or the need to buy the extra top feeder. I have already put mine to use and have never been so satisfied! I will be buying more of these NUCS for sure!

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    After several successful orders with Barnyard Bees, I ordered this nuc and hive beetle entrances back in June 2020 and didn’t get around to unboxing the order until December because I didn’t need to use the equipment. I found that the corner joints did not line up so I called Barnyard Bees and they were aware of the issue and sent me 4 new sides which fit perfectly. Can’t wait to start a new colony in this 2 frame nuc box. Thanks for great service and standing behind your products.

  3. Ralph Bell

    I have ordered a few unassembled frame kits. As expected everything was fine with them. My review is more about the YouTube videos. David does a very thorough job of explaining things. As a first year beekeeper, I found his videos very useful. I now subscribe to his YouTube channel. I can’t even begin to explain how much I have learned from him. He’s also very good at letting you know that if you live in a colder climate (like me) things may be done a bit differently and he tells you how to do it and the difference. Awesome job. Keep up the good work!

  4. Garland Harris

    Dave is the best. His videos have helped me a lot as I just started keeping bees last year. Thanks barnyard bees and Dave for your help.

  5. LARRY (verified owner)

    Great equipment, at an amazing price. I will be buying more, and purchasing some hives as well. Shipping was fast. Looking forward to doing a lot of business with Barnyard Bees.

  6. Chris and Amber Kolasch (verified owner)

    I’ve bought two and love having them in my Apiary.

  7. Frank (verified owner)

    Bought a few just to try, all around great boxes quickest setup for small splits or queen rearing. I’ll be buying more.

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