2024 Marked Packages (Gentle Stock Packaged Bees) Live Bees

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THESE ARE 2024 PACKAGES WITH A MARKED QUEEN. This listing is for a 2024 package of Gentle Stock Honey Bees. As package bees become available in the spring, they will be shipped out in order of date received. If you live in colder climates and do not want your bees shipped in early spring, please select a later ship date. If you’d like to pick up locally, please select “In Store Pick Up” as a shipping option.

We ship these in the order they were purchased as they become available, so know that we do not usually ship immediately when purchased. During peak season, we ship out at least every 2 weeks.

Packages have a $40 Non-Refundable fee if you decide to cancel.

Barnyard Bees can only guarantee that the bees are delivered to the Postal Service (USPS) in good condition. We cannot and do not in any way guarantee that USPS will deliver the bees to you in good condition. Barnyard Bees is no longer liable for the bees once they are accepted by the carrier; our only liability is to deliver the bees to USPS in good condition. Our apologies – at this time, we cannot ship live package bees to  California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, or Alaska.

By purchasing you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

aka: Swarm of Bees, swarms.

Italian, Carniolan.

8 reviews for 2024 Marked Packages (Gentle Stock Packaged Bees) Live Bees

  1. Thomas Dion

    Best bees I have even ordered- Ordered one package last year that came to me vibrating with life! The bees were quick to build a new life here in Florida and are still doing great. Tommy D

  2. Max Prichard

    Ordered a package to deliver this spring and I ended up having to split the colony mid summer because they were so strong. Now both hives are doing great for the first year with plenty of food storage for the winter. These are some of the friendliest bees Ive worked with. Rarely do I wear my netting anymore.

  3. Patrick Woods

    Best package of bees installed May 2021 after losing all my hive during February 2021 ice storms. I ordered a super package which is 2 3lb. packages bees and 1 queen. That was the only package of bees able to build up fast enough for me to split to increase my hives (two 10 frame deeps by July). I ordered from 3 other suppliers in May and none of those packages were able to build up more than 1 deep 10 frame box by August 2021.

  4. Craig Kirich

    My first year beekeeping. Bought a jacket and veil to install 2 packages. Decided to go for it and worked both hives every week spring/summer/fall in shorts, tee-shirt and ball cap. Only two stings top of thumb, both my fault rolling a bee when pulling out a frame to fast 🙂 If I have to wear a suit in 85 degree weather to enjoy my bees, I’ll go back to fish!

  5. dan komar

    Always have wanted some Barnyard Bees but had to settle for some closer to home here in MS. After about 4 seasons, they’ve turned pretty aggressive and definitely not as fun to work. Just got 2 3# packages last Friday and into boxes. They showed up the day after they shipped with only a hand full that didn’t survive. Man, talk about nice! I can go back to not having to wear any gear and having my kids around them. Excited to watch them grow this summer and will definitely be getting some more!

    Dan K.

  6. Mary

    We got our bees the next day that they shipped we are very happy with the bees! They are doing great thank you Barnyard Bees

  7. Hayley

    I really can’t say enough good about barnyard bees. This year was my first year raising bees. I ordered one 3 pound package that delivered mid April. They came quickly and very well packaged. I haven’t been around mean bees yet in my bee keeping journey but I do know barnyard bees are so calm. I mow & weedeat around them, and feel completely comfortable when opening the hive. Oh and they produced so much honey this year that I decided to harvest a few frames!! Writing this review then ordering another 3 pounds for 2023!!!

  8. Terry McGleish

    First time ordering package bees. The package shipped out on Monday going to Florida. Tracking said it would take three days but it got delayed and was rescheduled for Friday. I was concerned that I would have several dead bees after being in transit for 5 days. I even called Barnyard Bees office to voice my concern. They were very assuring that the bees would be fine and had plenty of sugar syrup to get them here and if there were any issues to just take pics and contact them. Regardless to say, the post office called Friday morning and said the package had arrived. I was prepared for a disappointment, but when the girl put the package on the counter I only saw a handful of dead bees. The bees are gentle and in their new hive and thriving. I will be purchasing more!

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