Backyard Beekeeping #5


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I am frequently asked, “Grant, if there was one thing I could do, as a new beekeeper, what would you recommend? What one thing can I start doing that would make my beekeeping a little easier, make my hives a little more productive, and make my hobby a little more enjoyable?”

My response is universal. “Raise your own locally adapted queens from the hives that excel in your area and survive under your management.”

To their stunned silence and escalating apprehension, I offer, “It’s not as challenging as you might think. I follow a simple, uncomplicated method of queen rearing that empowers the most timid beekeeper. With little or no experience, without purchasing a bucket of expensive, specialized equipment, even if you don’t have a mentor, you can raise your own queens. You possess the power to enhance the sustainability of your hobby.”

Raising your own queens is a small investment of time and energy that pays huge dividends. With the simple plan I offer in this manuscript, you have all the tools and education needed to raise your own queens.

All you need to bring to this process is a willing spirit and about five minutes of your time in the bee yard.

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