Bee Gym



The Bee Gym is a patented device to assist and improve grooming behavior in honey bees to help them to control varroa mite populations.

The Bee Gym was developed on the principle that with a simple device bees can be encouraged to groom themselves more effectively to remove varroa mites. With its unique combination of specifically designed grooming aids, the Bee Gym encourages and enhances the natural grooming behavior of honeybees, assisting in the removal of varroa mites from the colony. The Bee Gym should be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management approach to varroa control. TIPS – Position the Bee Gym in a busy part of the colony, about 2 cms back from the hive entrance or on top of the brood frames in a shallow ‘eke’ or spacer. Use a sticky floor (coat a white piece of paper or cardboard with vaseline) to observe mite drop. These should be refreshed regularly or use the Bee Gym with an open mesh floor so that the varroa mites drop out of jumping reach of the hive. Leave a space between the hive entrance and the Bee Gym so that pollen-laden foragers are able to avoid the framework. Move the Bee Gym around the hive when convenient so that it stimulates more interest from the bees. Leave the Bee Gym in place throughout the year as it improves grooming behavior, helping bees to rid themselves of varroa mites. Ensure there is sufficient gap (at least 15 mm) for bees to move around the Bee Gym to fully utilize it. Clean the Bee Gym with washing soda periodically to remove excess propolis. Don’t worry if the bees propolise the frame a little – the grooming flippers and scrapers will not be affected.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × .75 in


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