Beetle Traps for Entrances

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The “Guardian” is a patented technology that keeps small hive beetles from entering a beehive by masking the entrance.  The “Guardian” also uses red light technology that has been proven to detour the small hive beetle and disrupts their invasive efforts.  Installation of the Guardian is simple and adapts to any beehive configuration from 10 and 8 frames, as well as 5 frame nucleus colonies. The Guardian gives your bees a fighting chance against the threat of small hive beetles. shb.

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Bottom Entrance (Long), Upper Entrance (Round), Combo Pack (1 of Each)

7 reviews for Beetle Traps for Entrances

  1. Buren Windle (verified owner)

    This really works too keep those pesky beetles out. The bees don’t seem too mind it at all.

  2. John Mitchell (verified owner)

    These have proven very effective over the year – far better than anything else I’ve tried

  3. Larry Malone (verified owner)

    Great way to fight these pest (hive beetles). Like so much I’m sending in another order.

  4. H. Anderson (verified owner)

    I have three hives with the Guardian Small Hive Beetle entrance barriers installed. Along with Beetle Blaster in hive traps I’ve seen a reduction of the SHB population in my hives to near zero! I’m ordering more entrance barriers for all my splits and hived swarms! I recommend these devices to all my beek friends.

  5. Greg Hill (verified owner)

    They work.I even bought a few more

  6. Marino M.Gray (verified owner)

    Fast shipping speedy Gonzales level, I always appreciate that. Still testing them so I cant comment on that yet, I’ve installed them on three hives will update after testing.

  7. Eric Eutsler (verified owner)

    Love these things. I’ve sat and watched those darn beetles fly in, fall through the holes, and get frustrated and leave. Who designed these things?? Genius!

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