InstantVap Cordless Oxalic Acid Vaporizer



InstantVap 18V battery powered, cordless oxalic acid vaporizer
  • Now with deep discharge protection electronics!
  • Approximately 1Ah required for heating up, then each additional 1Ah provides enough power for 10 x 2 grams of oxalic acid treatments
  • With 2 gram doses of oxalic acid, one treatment lasts 25-30 seconds
  • Optional battery sockets compatible with: Milwaukee® M18;  Dewalt® XR 18/20V, FlexVolt 20/60V or 18/54V. The device can be compatible with only one type of battery!
  • Stainless, acid-resistant steel frame and dispenser
  • Accurate, dynamic solid-state relay PID temperature control; i.e. no overheating, no waiting for cool-down
  • Real-time temperature display, controlled temperature, recommended operating temperature: 230℃ (pre-set)
  • Fast, tool-free, roll-on adjustment of the oxalic acid dispenser, with 1-4 gram scale, dispensing oxalic acid with one push
  • 6mm diameter strong brass spout, not prone to clogging as there is no pipe bend. Easy to access and clean in case of a blockage, the entire length of the tube is accessible. The spout is replaceable.
  • Requires a 1/4″ inch(7mm) diameter hole in the hive wall or entrance.
  • Stable in the hive hole, does not fall out or tilt sideways, can support its own weight (do not lean on it!)
  • Voltage indicator to monitor the battery. Periodic monitoring of the voltage indicator is necessary, the battery must not be over discharged! The battery must not be discharged below 15V.
  • The device is equipped with deep discharge protection circuit, meaning it automatically shuts down at 15,4V.
  • Insulated furnace, works well in cold, windy weather
  • Price includes: Instavap oxalic acid vaporizer equipped with the battery socket of your choice, 1 piece of oxalic acid dispenser
  • No battery included.


User manual: here

Additional information

Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 22.25 × 16.5 × 2.75 in
Frame Size

Dewalt 20v, Milwaukee M18


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