Mesh Filter Kit 200 400 600 Microns


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For use with the 5 gallon pail.

  • 600 micron filters (coarse)
  • 400 micron filters (medium)
  • 200 micron filters (fine)

EZ-Strainer™ are seamless, straight-sided strainers designed to fit a 5-gallon pails. These inserts are vacuum-formed from FDA approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These strainers have a contoured lip that snaps over the pail’s top bead. The bottom is sealed with an either a 200 / 400 / or 600 micron mesh (Polyester). These strainers can be stacked to strain various sizes of debris or can be used one at a time.

These are great for straining fine particulate out of your honey. For best results make sure your honey is warmed prior to use of the strainers. It makes it much easier for the honey to flow through the filters.

Choose either 200, 400 or 600 Micron at checkout. You can also choose all three and save!

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Filter bag for 5 gallon pail, 600 micron filter (coarse), 400 micron filter (medium), 200 micron filter (fine), Filter set (600, 400, 200 micron)


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