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Free Range Mated Gentle Italian Queens. Please order separately from other supplies since these get shipped in special boxes.

All ship dates are tentative and are weather dependent. Queens are not guaranteed to ship on exact dates, but will ship as close to the date chosen as possible. Queens are sold weekly throughout the spring & summer on a first come first serve basis. Please take into consideration, especially when ordering towards the end of the week, overnight, 2nd day, or 3 day select that UPS does not count Saturday and Sunday as a shipping day. In most cases, those will be shipped early on the following week.

Barnyard Bees can only guarantee that the bees are delivered to the Postal Service (USPS) in good condition. We cannot and do not in any way guarantee that USPS will deliver the bees to you in good condition. Barnyard Bees is no longer liable for the bees once they are accepted by the carrier; our only liability is to deliver the bees to USPS in good condition. Our apologies – at this time, we cannot ship live bees to Hawaii or Alaska.

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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.125 × .5 in

5 reviews for Queen Bee (Shipped by Date)

  1. Roger Barnes

    Purchased a queen in 2020 and as of spring 2021 this has been an awesome queen, Massive brood production of some of the most calm bees I have ever worked with.

  2. Cassey E Dooley

    I was a little upset at first because i did not know barnyard is closed on Sunday n Monday. They called me today and made everything good! Thank you guys!!! The bees are Awesome!!!

  3. Todd Hall

    Have ordered several queens in the 2021 season and have had good results…. They were also great to work with when I had shipping issues with the USPS.

  4. Roger Barnes

    2022 makes the third year j have purchased bees or queens from Barnyard Bees. I could not be more pleased with my purchases. Thanks to all the people at Barnyard Bees for the care and effort that they put into shipping out their bees. This year I purchased 5 queens to go into splits. They all arrived in great condition. Thanks again for great bees.

  5. Yvonne Wagner

    I also got queens last year and the colonies are so sweet! I was a bit afraid of Africanized tendencies and difficulty overwintering from southern bees but that was not the case.

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