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Free Range Mated Gentle Italian Queens. Please order separately from other supplies since these get shipped in special boxes.

Queens are sold weekly throughout the summer on a first come first serve basis. Please take into consideration, especially when ordering towards the end of the week, overnight, 2nd day, or 3 day select that UPS does not count Saturday and Sunday as a shipping day. In most cases, those will be shipped early on the following week.

Barnyard Bees can only guarantee that the bees are delivered to the Postal Service (USPS) in good condition. We cannot and do not in any way guarantee that USPS will deliver the bees to you in good condition. Barnyard Bees is no longer liable for the bees once they are accepted by the carrier; our only liability is to deliver the bees to USPS in good condition. Our apologies – at this time, we cannot ship live bees to Hawaii or Alaska.

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Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.125 × .5 in

Unmarked Queen, Marked Queen

9 reviews for Queen Bee

  1. Nick Roest (verified owner)

    Ordered one late Wednesday morning, by that afternoon I had a tracking number for delivery. Friday morning I got a call from the post office asking if I wanted them to put it in my mail box or if I wanted to pick it up. I opted to pick it up. Placed the queen cage in a split that was unsuccessful creating their own queen, they immediately took to her in a non-aggressive fashion. Saturday morning the hive still looked like they were accepting her so I released her from the cage. Hopefully I’ll have some eggs in a week.

  2. TIMOTHY Blackburn

    Bought queens last year and both survived the winter and are doing great. When will more be ready

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    Arrived to Southern Missouri a day early, post office called me. It worked perfectly!

  4. fwmorison (verified owner)

    Excellent Service! Ordered some queens Wednesday afternoon for splits, and genetic diversity in our yard received the queens Friday am. All queens arrived in perfect condition. Great bunch of folks to do business with.

  5. Dean

    Great success with the bees we received. Thank you. Will buy more in 2020!

  6. Joe Carlin (verified owner)

    Good customer service, queen settled in and laying in about a week, and that was with the lid getting tossed by a very near tornado miss and the hive open to rain and hail for an hour or so in the interim.

  7. Jimmie (verified owner)

    Great doing business with Barnyard Bees my Queen arrived looking great . Plus would like to say have learned so much from watching your videos

  8. Brian

    Being from Wisconsin I was hesitant to order queens from a southern state but after watching so many of your videos, i wanted to give it a try. I ordered 2 queens and they arrived as they said they would. I introduced them and both were released and laying in 3 days. I will definitely be ordering more, probably 4 more this week. Hopefully they will all make it through winter as its been a tough couple of years.

  9. James

    I have purchased Queens from Barnyard for several years. They have always arrived on time and in good condition.

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