TempQueen Pheromone

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Improve Queen Rearing Success – TempQueen (simulates an egg laying queen) used in queen mating nuclei in early spring can maintain significantly higher bee numbers than in non-treated nucs. Insert one TempQueen lure in each mating nuclei when it is established or when the queen cell is inserted.

Ship Queenless Packages – TempQueen calms bees shipped in queenless packages. Place TempQueen lure as if it were a queen cage.

Temporary Queen Replacement – A hive will perform normally for several days with Temp Queen as a temporary queen. Remove the queen or queen cells and place a TempQueen lure in each brood box. When a queen is available, the TempQueen is removed and a new queen introduced.

Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .02 in

10 Pack, 50 Pack

1 review for TempQueen Pheromone

  1. michael mcelroy

    I have used these before when I lost a queen or have new queen to introduce they really keep the bees from leaving and keep them happy and working they are great

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