TempQueen Pheromone

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Improve Queen Rearing Success – TempQueen (simulates an egg laying queen) used in queen mating nuclei in early spring can maintain significantly higher bee numbers than in non-treated nucs. Insert one TempQueen lure in each mating nuclei when it is established or when the queen cell is inserted.

Ship Queenless Packages – TempQueen calms bees shipped in queenless packages. Place TempQueen lure as if it were a queen cage.

Temporary Queen Replacement – A hive will perform normally for several days with Temp Queen as a temporary queen. Remove the queen or queen cells and place a TempQueen lure in each brood box. When a queen is available, the TempQueen is removed and a new queen introduced.

Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .02 in

10 Pack, 50 Pack

2 reviews for TempQueen Pheromone

  1. michael mcelroy

    I have used these before when I lost a queen or have new queen to introduce they really keep the bees from leaving and keep them happy and working they are great

  2. kevin fox

    prevents formation of drone layers (worker bees that take over laying unfertilized eggs), and keeps bees harvesting nectar and pollen — extremely worth their price
    typically comes with zip ties- i zip tie each and snake the zip tie end into an empty beetle blaster (oil) small hive beetle trap leaving the temp queen exposed, and then duct tape i the zip tie in place and making installation in a hive easy and reusable instead of stapling the zip tie as i had b4

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